Providing Information And Resources

The Kitsap County Parent Coalition (KCPC) is a free service providing education, advocacy and referrals to help people with developmental disabilities get the support and services they need to improve their lives. 

About KCPC

The purpose of the Parent Coalition is to provide information and resources for parents, caregivers and families with children and adults with developmental disabilities living in Kitsap County. The goal is to get you connected with the appropriate services available in our community, and offer opportunities for networking with other families, training, and education.

Our Services


We connect families to resources available on a community, state and federal level for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities


We provide trainings on all issues and services affecting your loved one that experiences a disability


We make sure that parent voices are heard at all levels of decision making on issues affecting our loved ones.

Keep up to date on all news, events and special stories

Stay Informed and Empowered

My Shoes / My Story

Use shoes as a canvas to illustrate what is important to you. Tell leaders in your community what it is like to be a young person in Washington.

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PTI ESD Training Special Ed Series

IEP Clinics and Workshops 2022-2023

These trainings are opportunities for parents, caregivers, and professionals to learn how students receive their special education services. The initial plan is to be meeting in person; however, information will be sent a couple of days prior to meeting.

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He's My Brother

He’s My Brother PBS Documentary

‘POV’ Offers A Candid Look At A Sister’s Guardianship of Her Brother With Disabilities In The Moving Documentary, He’s My Brother Christine’s brother Peter experiences his world through touch, smell,

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UW Autism Center Training Summer 2022

The University of Washington Autism Center has just launched its summer 2022 training schedule! See below for live events or visit our website for a list of live and on-demand offerings. Stay

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Together They Were Stronger Film

This short documentary celebrates the untold story of four women who mounted an all-out civil rights campaign to create a movement establishing the first-ever disability rights law in the United

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